I Love You, Man

Yes !!! You read that right. I’m here today to celebrate the men who let me be this Strong Independent Woman that I am so proud of today. Especially with International Women’s Day nearing, I am going to be flooded with messages wishing me, more so now, because I am a working mom of two, living in a nuclear family setup, juggling all of my roles with ease. But, what about the men in my life who have helped me become the person I am today?? My Father, My Husband and My Son!!

So here I am, giving these genuinely good men a few privileges, that I have had a chance to enjoy, being a Woman:

Help is Always around the corner

Have you observed that being women, if we are ever in some sort of trouble, there are always people around who are willing to help?! People like falling for the “damsel in distress” card. They also like to give the benefit of the doubt to women in any situation. I would like you to have this privilege, for whenever you get into a tricky situation and could use some help.

Choosing Your Career Without any Financial Pressure

Yes, times are changing. You are likely to experience this privilege in a few decades. But for now, I would like you to have the option of deciding your career based on your preference and flexibility and not under the pressure of being the bread winner of the family. I hope, no one will call you a loser, if you choose to not have a career, and contribute to your family.


I have always felt that being Men, you haven’t been given enough credit. We talk about equality and sharing the work load, both at home and outside. But when you see a working mom juggling all her roles, you go ahead and appreciate her. Why is a working dad never appreciated? Does he not get the kids ready to school? Does he not change diapers? Does he not drop the kids off to school? Does he not take them to the umpteen number of extra curricular classes that your child goes to? Does he not help you take out the trash or cook? When was the last time he was appreciated? I would like to appreciate you, Men, for being the givers that you are, never expecting anything in return.


Men are always judged based on their availability for their family. If he accompanies his kids to birthday parties, he is considered jobless, and singled out in a group of moms. If he doesn’t accompany for doc appointments, he is judged for not being available for his family (and you pity his wife). Men are also not allowed to be cranky or moody unlike women. He is judged to be short tempered and emotionally unavailable. I wish people gave you the benefit of the doubt before making judgements. Maybe you took the kid to the party coz your son wanted you to be there to introduce you to his friends. Maybe you missed the doc appointment coz you were stuck with an important business meeting and you trust your wife to handle things well. Maybe secretly even you want to just quit everything and spend all your time with your family but you can’t coz life doesn’t always work that way.

Maternity Benefits

Like maternity leaves policy in India, I wish you had an equally long period of Paternity Leave to just bond with your baby all day long, to take a break from the routine and to just experience the joy that a baby brings to your life. You probably missed your child’s first words and most milestones. I wish you had the privilege to just stay at home and enjoy your time with this little piece of your heart thats growing so fast each day, for just 6 months, and get back to work feeling more energized than ever before.

To the men in my lives,


This blog post is a part of #womensdayblogparty.

I’d like to thank Amitoj for introducing me.

She is a dentist by profession but currently raising her 3 year old son being a SAHM. Being a voracious reader herself, she makes sure to read to her son every day and wants him to love books. She has written a heartfelt letter to her son as part of this blog party. Wanna read?? Click here

I’d also like to introduce my friend Cheni. She is a mom of a one year old and has written a loving letter to her darling daughter. Wanna read??? Click here

21 thoughts on “I Love You, Man”

  1. I was just waiting to see if someone would appreciate all the lovely men in our lives… How could I not know that you would benjustbthe person to do it… Awesome post Shankari… Love the energy in your blog… Just shows how much you are determined once you decide on a journey… Keep on writing… Loads and loads of love to you!!!

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  2. Si much of positivity in the article Shankari, loved reading it. And these points, we usually tend to forget, but you put them forth. Kudos to you 🤘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nimmy.. that’s exactly what even I feel.. we keep forgetting their side of the story and end up blaming them for everything. It’s tough, but if u see their side of the story, they are having a pretty tough time too..


  3. I agree with you. Sometimes society doesn’t allow our men to be emotional and enjoy certain moments of life. The best example of that is 3-day paternity leave – just shameful.
    Thanks for joining us on our #WomensDayBlogParty. It was a pleasure reading your interpretation of the prompt.

    Liked by 1 person

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